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LinkedIn for Business Testimonials. 

What people say!

A group of professional office people for Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business testimonials page.
Ambreen Nadeem

Derick's expertise in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business is truly exceptional. His Results Formula program provides invaluable insights and strategies to transform LinkedIn presence into a lead generation machine to any business.

What truly sets Derick apart is his exceptional leadership skills. He has a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate others, guiding them towards their goals with clarity and confidence. Derick's approach is both comprehensive and practical, offering clear guidance on optimizing LinkedIn profiles, engaging with the audience effectively, and posting content tailored to target audiences.

If you're looking to elevate your LinkedIn game and achieve tangible results, I highly recommend partnering with Derick and Results Formula.

Ambreen Nadeem

Saudi Arabia

Rahila Khan

"Derick has a unique gift of converting  weaknesses into strengths, mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity. He knows how bring out the best in others. I valued the time he took to engage with me, and very effortlessly/skilfully guided me into optimizing my LinkedIn profile. Of course, I was bold over by his heartwarming Australian accent which made me smile all the way through our conversation. I felt so supported and nurtured as he captivated my attention with the strategic use of key words and how others will benefit from what I offer. He is a master at his craft and allows others to become a masterpiece in peace. I truly feel at ease with him. His exceptional  patience, kind heartedness, compassion, empathy and unconditional support, encouragement, motivation and forward thinking makes him an exemplary leader and mentor. He comes highly recommended for his boundless wisdom, huge business expertise and high level of professionalism.

Rahila Khan

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Ahmed Soliman

"Derick is a Great Person with Integrity and premium Values of Business ethics and Really a Professional Gentleman to describe.

He Gives and support with no expectation for  return. Derick is sharing a Part of my Excel on this Platform. He Provided me with Golden Tips to follow in order to advance on Linkedin.

I really value his friendship and Appreciate his Great Support to me. I'm Greatly blessed with the added value i earned from his Connection.

Whenever you Look for Derrick's support, you will always find him having your Back. Derick is someone you would like to connect with."

Ahmed Soliman

Cairo, Egypt

Prashant Jha

"Derick is one hell of a super-specialized LinkedIn anatomist. He sat down with me and went through every detail of my Linkedin existence and told me point-blank what was wrong with it. And how to fix it. We began there.

He has constantly been there to help me attain new heights on Linkedin. I reached over 12k impressions for the first time with his guidance. I've added over $2k in revenue just by following his counsel. So if you ever get a chance to talk to Derick, don't think twice. He's a mastermind when it comes to taking your business to new heights by deploying Linkedin.

Prashant Jha

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Stephen Soo

"Been following Derick a number of years and he constantly amazes me with his insight and approaches to LinkedIn strategy and application for business.

In 60 mins, he not only provided incredible value & insights to optimise my profile, there was no selling, only from the place of giving. His generosity, honesty and integrity justifies the reason he is a well respected professional within the Linkedin community.

I am happy to endorse Derick for all LinkedIn matters.

Stephen Soo CPA

Melbourne, Australia

Rashmi Kandhway Sharma

"I must say Derick Mildred is extremely professional yet patient and friendly. He understands the individual needs and utilizes his expertise to offer you the best outcomes. He exhibited a couple of examples to make my profile more Engaging and Impressive while correctly highlighting my core competencies. If you wish to increase your visibility on Linkedin, as an Individual or as a business, you need to have better insight from the experts like Derick."

Rashmi Kandhway Sharma

San Francisco Bay Area


Kelly Phelan

"Derick is a wealth of information about all things LinkedIn! I heard Derick on a podcast and reached out to connect and say thanks for the information he shared. Then we had a ZOOM call and he provided me with lots of pointers on how to use LinkedIn, the algorithm, and some useful tools to use when creating my own content. I appreciated Derick's willingness to give candid feedback and guidance, particularly given that I'm a relative newcomer to LinkedIn. On a side note, Derick is very personable and friendly, so don't hesitate to connect with him. I'm sure you will find his input equally valuable. Thanks Derick!"

Kelly Virginia Phelan

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Cameron Aqdam

"Derick is a great person, he loves helping people become better, that makes him feel happy and that's how I call him a mentor who kindly shares what he knows best. He has helped me with making my LinkedIn page more professional by modestly sharing his experiences as if my page is his own. Derick has a dominant knowledge over what he does best since I felt I learned a lot though our 30-min meeting. I do hope to keep in touch with him because I am quite certain he will be of tremendous help to make my business stand out applying his advice and recommendations. Thank you Derick."

Cameron Aqdam

United Arab Emirates

John Hobbs

"Derick provided extensive and valuable insight into the use of LinkedIn. Topics ranged from various ways to enhance my profile to techniques for engaging with more people. He also talked about ways to exploit Sales Navigator to which I am subscribed. Although some of the techniques were fairly common, he showed me how to apply them to my somewhat unique situation. That was really helpful. I consider the session time well spent. Thank you, Derick. I have no hesitation recommending you to others."

John Hobbs


Lee Newton Rhodes

"When Derick says he is going to give you a profile checkup he is serious. He was able to valuable suggestions to help improve both my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. His suggestions included, but were not limited to, editing my profile picture to be more eye catching, personalizing my banner, and better developing my headlines and bios. He made more tips on increasing my following and addressed any questions. Fair warning; be prepared to have plenty of homework because Derick is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. My only regret is not connecting with Derick sooner."

Lee Newton (USA Presidential Candidate, CPA) Rhodes

New York.USA

Izabela Lundberg

"What an absolute outstanding service, support and successful implementation! If you need LinkedIn and business digital mastery assistance, Derick is your guy! He comes with wealth of knowledge and proven solutions that you can start using immediately. Thank you so much for your expert guidance and quick response."

Izabela Lundberg, M.S.

Denver, Colorado, USA

Avil Beckford

"I worked with Derick and he coached me on how to improve my LinkedIn profile. He introduced me to tools, some of which were new to me. During our session together, he showed me how to use the tools and I could see in real time how his suggestions made sense.

I recommend Derick Mildred because he’s very knowledgeable about LinkedIn, and can help you with your profile."

Avil Beckford

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Vercruysse

"I would like to express my gratitude for Derick's generosity to review my LinkedIn profile and to share his extensive expertise on this subject. He has is extremely skilled in what he does and has built a large knowledge on how to be successful on LinkedIn. All who work with him are truly blessed."

Barbara Vercruysse


Jordan Gross

"I had the great pleasure of chatting with Derick yesterday, and I was so pleased by his genuine demeanor and his ability to ask great questions! I was also impressed by his ability to navigate this platform and share his knowledge to benefit others!"

Jordan Gross

New York, USA

Dorrit Karlson

"Derick has great communication skills and connect on a personal level. He add value to any conversation, and his understanding of LinkedIn as a tool is amazing. I learned more from Derick in 30 minutes, than I have learned using the platform the past 2 years. His content is educational and inspiering. I highly reccomend Derick Mildred."

Dorrit (Jonassen) Karlsen


Majid Zafer

"In our 1st session Derick Mildred was absolutely a wealth of knowledge and an amazing strategist. Derick not only helped me10X my value on my profile but also was extremely helpful with breaking down sales navigator. I would highly recommend a session with Derick while you can, his stock is on the rise."

Majid Za0fer

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shlok M.Maheshwari

"Derick is an amazing individual who has helped me immensely with my LinkedIn profile. His insights about LinkedIn and how to present yourself is tremendous and I highly recommend his service!

Cheers Derick!"

Shlok M. Maheshwari

London, UK

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