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About Derick Mildred


I'm Derick, I help solopreneurs and
business owners save time and increase their revenue by mastering the power of LinkedIn.

My Story

I initially joined LinkedIn on October 7, 2004, placing me among the first 1.3 million users on the platform. However, I did very little with it until 2013 when a friend mentioned that she had heard LinkedIn described as the professional or business version of Facebook!

Intrigued, I revisited my LinkedIn account and discovered that I had a mere 207 connections. This marked the beginning of my real journey on LinkedIn. Eager to learn, I sought out individuals with expertise and experience on the platform and began sharing insights by writing articles about website development and SEO, generating inquiries in my Inbox from people who wanted to talk to me about building a website for their business.

Since then, over the last 10 years, LinkedIn has evolved into a primary source of leads for both my business and those of over 300 people I've coached.

Today, my focus is working with people in business and helping them to get 'online' to work better for their business. People who want to position themselves and their business as a respected authority in their industry. To be the go-to person their prospects look to for their advice and help.

I also help and coach people to use LinkedIn more effectively. I help them build, grow, and scale their businesses using the world’s No. 1 professional network and B2B platform.

My passion is coaching and helping people!

I’m also an accomplished martial artist. I have over 22 years of training in Kyokushin Karate, which I taught for 17 years. Kyokushin taught me important life lessons and values, that are a part of me to this day. Such as authenticity, humility, discipline, and commitment.

I write about topics that help you enjoy more of your work and experience more of your life!
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- 01 -
Personal Development

Tap into your real potential with a stronger personal development mindset. Discover tested and proven tools and techniques that will open doors to new opportunities.

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- 02 -
Business Development

Discover strategic growth initiatives. Maintain competitiveness, expand market reach, and enhance opportunities to increase revenue.

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- 03 -
Building Your Brand

Learn more about building your brand and reputation to establish trust and credibility with your audience. This fosters long-term relationships, customer loyalty, and opportunities.

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- 04 -
Social Media Strategy

AA well-crafted and strategic social media strategy enhances brand visibility and engagement. It reaches a wider audience and drives organic growth with more authentic connections.

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- 05 -
Monetizing Your Knowledge

Leverage your unique strengths to create scalable products or services with impact. Expand your reach and transform your expertise and experience into revenue streams.

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LinkedIn Profile:

80,000 + Connections & Followers.

30,000 + Skills Endorsements.

320 + Recommendations in writing.

Newsletter: LinkedIn for Business - 21K+ sunscribers


Company Pages:

23,000 + Followers of Derick Mildred - LinkedIn for Busienss Coach.

3,500 + Followers of Linked Into More Business.

2,000 + Followers of Results Formula - LinkedIn for Business Specialists.



LinkedIn Rockstar 3 X Top 3 / 75 LinkedIn Trainers

Founder of The LinkedIn Global Influencer Summit. 

Author of My List of 250+ Influencer & Tops Voices of LinkedIn.

Author of My List of 250+ Rising stars and Future influencers of LinkedIn.

25 Million + Content Views.

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