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21 Awesome & Useful Tools to Help Make Your Daily LinkedIn Life Easier!

Updated: May 11

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn coach, 21 Awesome & Useful Tools to Help Make Your LinkedIn Life Easier!

Hello and welcome to all fellow LinkedIn for Business enthusiasts!

I'm pleased to be back with the 2nd edition of our weekly LinkedIn for Business Newsletter.

The response to our first edition, just one week ago, has been nothing short of phenomenal—we've already welcomed over 13,000 subscribers! A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who has subscribed and embarked on this exciting journey with me.

🌟 Your Support is Our Motivation 🙏 🙏 

The enthusiasm and engagement from our growing community have been truly inspiring. We value your feedback. It helps us improve and provide valuable insights, tips, and tools to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

🛠 21 Tools to Transform Your LinkedIn for Business Life

In today's edition, I'm excited to share a curated list of my personal favorites—the tools that I rely on daily to navigate the dynamic world of LinkedIn. These gems are the secret sauce to streamlining tasks, saving you time, and making your daily LinkedIn life easier.

Profile & Content

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer,

Snappa – Click Here

Snappa is an easy-to-use graphic design tool. It helps users create high-quality graphics. It has lots of templates to choose from. Users can drag and drop elements. They can design beautiful visuals for social media, marketing, and more. They don't need advanced design skills.

I use Snappa every day to create my own content. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

Photofeeler - Click Here

Photofeeler is a valuable online platform. It allows you to receive constructive feedback about your choice of face picture for your LinkedIn profile.

Useful in deciding which is the right face picture for you to use. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

Remove. bg - Click Here

Remove allows you to automatically remove backgrounds from photos. It saves you time and effort. Plus, it produces high-quality, transparent images. These are suitable for other creative and professional applications.

Used for removing the background for pictures so you can then use those images to create content etc. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, sharethrough logo

Sharethrough - Click Here

Sharethrough is an innovative tool that analyzes and scores your headlines. It provides valuable insights to optimize content performance. Sharethrough enhances engagement and click-through rates through data-driven headline recommendations.

Great for using a unique algorithm to fine-tune and improve your own LinkedIn profile headline. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

Wordtracker - Click Here

Wordtracker is an SEO and keyword research tool. It provides keyword search volumes and comparison keywords.

Used for researching the right keywords to use in the optimization of your LinkedIn profile. 


Video & AI

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

Clipscribe - Click Here

Clipscribe is a versatile video marketing tool. It simplifies the process of creating engaging and captioned videos. It offers customizable templates, automated transcription, and a user-friendly interface to enhance accessibility.

Useful for automatically transcribing and adding captions to your videos.

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

Runway – Click Here

RunwayML is an innovative platform. It simplifies the integration of machine learning models into creative projects. It empowers users to harness the power of AI for diverse applications. Users can apply AI in art, design, content creation, and interactive experiences. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

WeVideo - Click Here

WeVideo is a video editing platform that empowers users to create professional-quality videos with ease. It offers a user-friendly interface, collaborative features, and a rich suite of editing tools. These streamline the video creation process for individuals and businesses alike. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business trainer, logo

InVideo - Click Here

InVideo is an innovative online video editing platform. It simplifies the video creation process. It offers a user-friendly interface, extensive templates, and robust editing features. It empowers users to produce professional-quality videos for marketing, social media, and other content needs. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, logo

InVideoAI - Click Here

AI.invideo is an advanced AI-powered platform integrated with InVideo. It enhances the video creation process by intelligently automating tasks, optimizing content, and providing innovative features. This enables users to create engaging and personalized videos efficiently.

Used for Creating stunning videos with AI, images and clips. No camera is required… 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, chatGTP logo

ChatGPT - Click Here

ChatGPT offers users the ability to engage in natural and coherent conversations with an AI. It provides valuable information, generates creative content, and facilitates interactive dialogue across a wide range of topics.

Great for shortening the creative process and researching a variety of topics. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, logo

EvyAi - Click Here

EvyAI is an AI powered assistant that helps you create personalized comments, write posts, and reply to DMs quickly and easily. Choose from or create your own unique ‘persona’ to create the right impression on your audience. Then, use it to build on those professional relationships. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, DVDVideoSoft logo

DVDVideoSoft – YouTube Downloader - Click Here

DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader is user-friendly software. It allows users to download YouTube videos and playlists with ease. It offers a range of formats and quality options.

Great for sharing content found on YouTube.

Please note: If you’re sharing content from other platforms, always reference the original creator of the content in your post on LinkedIn. If the platform is not ‘Open Source,’ seek permission from the original content creator before sharing their content. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, Tenorshare logo

Tenorshare – ICareFone – Iphone Downloader - Click Here

Tenorshare ICareFone makes it easy to download images and videos from your iPhone to either your Mac or PC.

Great for quickly and seamlessly downloading your latest video from your IPhone to use as part of your content strategy.


Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, Zoom logo

Zoom – Click here

Zoom is a versatile video conferencing platform. It facilitates seamless virtual communication, offering HD video and audio. It also has screen sharing and collaborative tools. This provides an efficient and reliable solution for remote meetings, webinars, and virtual collaborations. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, Calendly logo

Calendly – Click Here

Calendly is a user-friendly scheduling tool. It streamlines the appointment booking process, offering seamless calendar integration. It also provides automated reminders and time zone adjustments. Ultimately, it saves time and enhances efficiency for individuals and businesses. It manages appointments and meetings.

You can use it to send people a link with your availability. Then they can schedule an appointment at a time that suits them. 

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business course creator, Crystal Knows logo

Crystal Knows – Click Here

Crystal Knows is a powerful communication tool. It leverages personality insights to enhance interactions. It provides personalized recommendations for more effective communication. This fosters better relationships and understanding in both professional and personal contexts.

Use it to understand your prospects' personality traits before talking to them!

LinkedIn Tools

LinkedIn Social Selling Index – Click Here

LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) is a metric that quantifies your social selling efforts on LinkedIn. It measures your effectiveness in establishing your professional brand. It also measures how well you find the right people, engage with insights, and build relationships. SSI helps you enhance your social selling strategies and impact on the platform.

LinkedIn Premium – Click Here

LinkedIn Premium offers enhanced features. These include InMail credits, advanced search filters, and access to insights on who viewed your profile. Subscribers gain a competitive edge in networking, job searching, and business development on the platform.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Click Here

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool designed for sales professionals. It provides advanced lead and account targeting, real-time insights, and personalized recommendations. These features help streamline prospecting, build meaningful relationships, and drive sales success on the LinkedIn platform.

Most of these valuable tools include a Free Option, so you can test them for yourself.

To our existing subscribers, thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Your support is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering high-value content each week.

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Here's to your continued success on LinkedIn!

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