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How to Connect with LinkedIn Influencers and Build Relationships with them!

Updated: May 11

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business coach, How to Connect with LinkedIn Influencers newsletter.

Occasionally on LinkedIn, you may have come across an ‘Influencer’ who has built a large following with the benefit of increased reach and interaction with their content.

In my own experience, I remember several years ago when an influencer with over 1 million followers at the time commented on 1 of my posts, and that 1 comment added 150,000 views to my post overnight.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of connecting and becoming friends with several LinkedIn influencers, who have also become a valuable source of both knowledge and support for me.

Connecting with LinkedIn influencers can offer several benefits for your professional growth. It can also help expand your network.

Here are some advantages:

1.) Building Your Personal Brand:

Associating with influencers can positively impact your personal brand. It signals to others that you are engaged with industry leaders. It shows you are serious about your professional development.

2.) Professional Validation:

Having influencers in your network can serve as a form of professional validation. It suggests that respected individuals within your industry recognize and value you.

3.) Increased Visibility and Credibility:

Being connected with influencers can enhance your visibility on the platform. When they engage with your content or mention you, it can boost your credibility among their followers also.

4.) Access to a Larger Audience:

Influencers often have a large and engaged following. By connecting with them, your content may reach a broader audience. This increases your visibility and the potential for meaningful connections.

5.) Enhanced Engagement:

Being connected to influencers often results in increased engagement on your own content. Their followers may be more likely to engage with your posts. This can lead to more meaningful interactions.

6.) Access to Industry Insights:

Influencers often share valuable industry insights, trends, and updates. Connecting with them gives you access to this information. It helps you stay informed about the latest developments.

7.) Learning Opportunities:

Influencers are typically experts in their respective fields. By connecting with them, you can learn from their experiences. You can also gain valuable knowledge.

8.) Networking Opportunities:

Building connections with influencers expands your professional network. This can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential partnerships within your industry.

9.) Collaboration Opportunities:

Connecting with influencers opens the door to collaboration possibilities. This could involve joint projects, co-authored content, or other mutually beneficial initiatives.

Building relationships with LinkedIn influencers requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.

Here are some steps you can follow to connect with and build relationships with LinkedIn influencers:

1.) Identify Relevant Influencers:

2.) Look for influencers in your industry or niche whose content aligns with your interests and goals.

3.) Consider their engagement levels, follower count, and the relevance of their content to your professional interests.

4.) Engage with Their Content:

5.) Like, comment, and share their posts. Make thoughtful, meaningful and genuine comments that contribute to the conversation.

6.) Consistent engagement increases your visibility on their radar and showcases your interest in their content.

7.) Share Relevant Content:

8.) Share content that aligns with the influencer's interests and expertise.

9.) InMail them, asking if you can mention them in your posts when appropriate. Give them credit for the insights or inspiration you gained from their content.

10.) Connect thoughtfully.

After engaging with their content and starting the conversation, allow them to get to know you. Then, InMail them and ask if they are open to connecting with you. Be patient. In time, you will have some influencers as connections. You can further build a professional relationship with them.

Before sending a connection request, engage with their content for some time. This familiarity can make your connection request more likely to be accepted.

When sending a connection request, personalize the message. Mention specific content of theirs that you enjoyed or share a common interest.

11.) Networking through Messaging:

After connecting, send a thank-you message expressing your appreciation for their content.

Gradually initiate conversations around shared interests or seek advice on topics they are knowledgeable about.

12.) Offer Value:

Share valuable resources or insights that might be of interest to them.

Be genuine in your interactions and look for opportunities to contribute to the influencer's network.

13.) Attend and Participate in Events:

Many influencers host webinars, live sessions, or participate in industry events. Attend these events to learn more and engage directly.

14.) Create Quality Content:

Develop and share your own quality content. Influencers may take notice if you provide valuable insights or unique perspectives.

15.) Be Patient and Consistent:

Building relationships takes time. Be patient and stay consistent with your engagement efforts.

Avoid being overly promotional or intrusive.

16.) Offline Engagement:

If there are opportunities to meet influencers at industry events or conferences, take advantage of these events. Face-to-face interactions can strengthen relationships.

Remember that influencers are likely to engage with those who add value to their network and genuinely appreciate their work. Building relationships on LinkedIn is about creating a mutually beneficial connection rather than just seeking personal gain.

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