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The No. 1 Strategy to Increase Your Sales. Close!

Updated: May 11

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying lunch with a business colleague and it was during the discussion that increasing sales came up. As my friend is a sales coach, I was sure he would have some valuable insights to share!

Interestingly, in both his and my own experience, we found that the vast majority of sales teams and people in sales in general, failed to achieve their true potential because over 90% either didn’t close effectively or didn’t close at all. 

So, the question becomes,

Why don’t people close?

Why don’t people ask for the sale or the deal?

Answer: Fear of rejection!

Please don’t misunderstand my point though! Salespeople don’t have to apply ‘hi pressure’ sales tactics to be good at closing and therefore, close more sales.

In fact, these days a more gentle, more tactful approach is appreciated more by customers and buyers in general.

2 Very Useful Unwritten Rules of Sales and Closing.

1.) ‘The best salespeople don’t sell, they just talk to people!’

2.) Offer your close – then don’t say a word and listen – the first to talk (loses) or indicates the next step to take.

For example.

You might get to the part of your conversation where you want to ‘Close’ and then you might say.

‘So, what do you think?’

Then you don’t say a word, you shut up and listen!

What your prospect says next will indicate to you where they stand and the direction you take next. 

Here's a list of 15 effective sales closing techniques:

  1. The Assumptive Close: Assume the sale is made and move forward with paperwork or next steps.

  2. The Alternative Close: Offer the customer a choice between two options, both of which result in a sale.

  3. The Summary Close: Summarize the benefits and agreements made throughout the sales process to encourage agreement.

  4. The Urgency Close: Create a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers, discounts, or availability.

  5. The Fear-of-Missing-Out (FOMO) Close: Emphasize what the customer stands to lose by not making the purchase now.

  6. The Question Close: Ask a series of questions that lead the customer to realize the value and need for the product or service.

  7. The Feel-Felt-Found Close: Empathize with the customer's concerns (I understand how you feel), share how others have felt similarly (Many of our customers have felt the same), and then explain what they found after purchasing (But they found that...).

  8. The Takeaway Close: Temporarily remove the offer or discount to encourage the customer to reconsider and make a decision.

  9. The Now-or-Never Close: Present a compelling reason for the customer to buy now rather than later.

  10. The Reciprocity Close: Offer something of value to the customer in exchange for their commitment to the sale.

  11. The Trial Close: Ask a trial question to gauge the customer's readiness to make a decision.

  12. The Silence Close: After presenting the offer, remain silent to give the customer time to process and respond.

  13. The Social Proof Close: Share testimonials, case studies, or reviews to demonstrate the product or service's value and reliability.

  14. The Price Anchoring Close: Present a higher-priced option first to make the original price seem more reasonable.

  15. The Permission Close: Ask for permission to proceed with the sale, assuming the customer's agreement.

Remember that the effectiveness of each close may vary depending on the situation, the customer, and the product or service you’re selling or providing. It's essential to understand the customer's needs, objections, and preferences to choose the most appropriate closing technique.

Choose just 1 or 2 of these 'Closes' that are suitable for your business and apply them with the golden rule of 

Offer your close - then don't say a word until AFTER your prospect replies. 

Soon you will see a consistent increase in your sales. 

Here's to your continued LinkedIn for business success!

Regards from


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